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A.T. Sheds is a shed company that stands out in the market for providing flexible finance options to its customers. In fact, it is one of two shed companies in the U.K that offer financing through Klarna, a well-known Swedish company that provides various payment and financing solutions to consumers and retailers.

Klarna is a Swedish finance company that provides financial services to consumers and merchants around the world. One of its most popular offerings is the ability to pay for purchases in instalments, known as "Buy Now, Pay Later". This option has become increasingly popular as more people seek flexible financing options that allow them to manage their budgets more easily.

Our Klarna limit has now been removed!

If you're interested in using Klarna for financing your new garden building, here's what you need to know:

How it works:

Klarna's 'Buy Now, Pay Later' option allows you to split the cost of a purchase into several instalments. You'll typically pay a portion of the cost upfront, and the remaining balance will be split into equal payments over several weeks or months. You'll be able to see the exact payment schedule before you finalise your purchase.


Using Klarna's 'Buy Now, Pay Later' option can provide several benefits:

It can make larger purchases more affordable by allowing you to spread out the cost over time.
It can help you manage your budget more effectively by breaking down the cost of a purchase into smaller payments.
It can provide a more flexible financing option than traditional loans or credit cards, as you won't be charged interest* 


The value of the product can only be arranged via Klarna. Any outstanding fitting or delivery charges MUST be paid to our office team by either card or bank transfer and will be arranged once your order has been placed.

Risk Warning:

You will be borrowing money and therefore your credit will be at risk.

*T's & C's apply. Please visit: for more information


How to use Klarna: